A Pluridisciplinary and Complementary Consortium

In the Platform there is too text mining modules. The first one addresses scientific publication and the second one regional newspaper. In the first one a new text mining approach combining PDO or other ontology can be define. For regional newspaper there is a need for finding location in the documents, specific parts by using Agrovoc …
Depending on the topic addressed by the platform other text mining approaches can be used or defined. For instance if the system is used to get tweets about traffic jam or violence we can have a subject on opinion or sentiment.
It is proposed that with the platform a prediction module is available. Here spatiotemporal algorithms can be improved by taking into account the context (meteorological information, information about the type ground or any type of contextual information). Here the idea is to extend the approaches that have been defined for contextual sequences to contextual spatio-temporal patterns There is probably a PhD subject about Web Semantic and Open Data.